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Secretly Healthy Fruit Snack

With Summer right around the corner I know that snacks are going to become more important with the kids home. So we got into the kitchen and made something new, I love these fruit snacks because they are healthier than store bought and can be customized with just about anything- probiotics, extra vitamin c, the possibilities are endless! They only take about ten minutes of prep time so if you make a batch and think it could use a little something extra, whipping up some new ones is no big deal! Enjoy and let me know what you think. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups of frozen fruit 1 1/2 cups of water 4 tablespoons of gelatin (one packet is normally one...

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Organic Wooden Teether Care

If you picked up one of our organic wooden teethers from the Spring line, or are planning to from the Summer line coming in June then you will probably be wondering how to clean it at some point. Well this post is for you! Wooden teethers are a great alternative to others since they are free of BPA and other nasty chemicals. But wood is porous so the concern of germs getting embedded into the wood could raise some eyebrows, which is why we've sealed our wooden teethers with organic coconut oil and have outlined how to keep your teethers sanitary for the littlest ones in your life below! Enjoy and please don't ever hesitate to contact us with any...

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The Best DIY to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day (Plus a Freebie!)

When we received an email from our school looking for volunteers for National Teacher Appreciation week (May 7th-11th) I knew I couldn't pass it up. In my book teachers are pretty amazing and deserve a world of recognition for successfully dealing with 15+ students every day while also teaching them to become better, smarter young children!  So we signed up to bring in cupcakes and fell into a very long, inspiring and side tracking session of Pinterest-ing to find the perfect teacher inspired cupcakes. After reminding myself that I am in fact NOT a professional cake decorator no matter how many times I told myself "I can totally do that!" the kids and I decided to recreate a gummy worm...

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Books, Crafts & Freebies

One of the main reasons we added book slings to the Periwillow shop was that our family LOVES to read- and this mama LOVES an organized home. When I realized we were being over taken by the clutter of our many, many books- and at them time living in a small condo, I knew there had to be a better way to get organized than bulky bookshelves that were going to become a daily mess anyway. The book slings were a perfect solution with the ability to be hung on the wall and customizable enough to be placed in the kids' room or in shared living space like the living room.  One of our favorite books at the time was...

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Spring Party

Spring is finally just around the corner and with the sun shining into our kitchen window the other day I decided to throw a little impromptu afterschool celebration with the little ones! We turned up the music, made a little Spring inspired snack and, of course, did a craft! Because what's a kid friendly celebration without a craft?? I wanted to share with you all incase you are looking for something fun to do with your little ones one of these sunny days. There is no reason to put off throwing a little party for a big occasion to happen! Everything we used was already laying around the house and only took about 10 minutes to set up. (Mom win...

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