5 Things to Put in Easter Baskets Besides Candy

Easter. Every year we know it's coming by the isles of Valentine's Day candy being replaced by sugar covered marshmallow chicks and colorful candy coated chocolate eggs. But what about those who want to avoid a post egg hunt sugar crash? Check out our list of 5 tried and true basket fillers sure to make your little ones hop for joy!

1.) Summer Hat

With the weather getting warmer you are bound to be spending more time outside. Add a fun Summer hat to your Easter basket as a fashionable egg hunt accessory that will be used all season long! 

2.) Easter Socks

While we are on the topic of fashion, throw a pair or two of fun Easter themed socks into the basket as well. Our kids love fun socks and even more so mismatching them! Maybe because I don't bother pairing them when doing laundry...anyone else?

3.) Outdoor Toys

Jump ropes, chalk, yo-yos, bubbles, anything and everything to get them out in the sunshine without complaints of being bored!

4.) Art Supplies

No holiday or celebration is complete in our house without some sort of crafty thing happening as well. Even the littlest ones can get involved with finger paints or homemade PlayDoh! We loved the activity pictured a few years ago, cotton balls held in clothes pin were perfect paintbrushes for decorating egg printouts! 

5.) Hair Clips

You knew it was coming! Hair bows, clips and other fun accessories are the perfect item to add. Luckily we know a place where you can get some quality, handmade ones ;)  

Shop Periwillow for your Easter basket needs, but don't wait! Today is the last day to order to get them in time! 

What are some things you have added to Easter baskets? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment below!

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