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One of the main reasons we added book slings to the Periwillow shop was that our family LOVES to read- and this mama LOVES an organized home. When I realized we were being over taken by the clutter of our many, many books- and at them time living in a small condo, I knew there had to be a better way to get organized than bulky bookshelves that were going to become a daily mess anyway. The book slings were a perfect solution with the ability to be hung on the wall and customizable enough to be placed in the kids' room or in shared living space like the living room. 
One of our favorite books at the time was Johnathan James and The What if Monster by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. The best thing about this book is that it teaches kids to not worry about things that could happen or that they can't control. Perfect for my little ones at the time! We decided to take an afternoon to read the book to the kids and take advantage of the free printable crafts available on the author's website (if you came for the recourses they are listed at the end of this post. Enjoy!).
We had a great time coloring in pictures, doing word searches, making crowns and talking about how not to worry. Thinking back on it a themed snack would have be a great addition too! 
Have you ever done themed crafts or snacks with a book? I would love to hear all about it as I am always trying to find ways to make reading more fun! Find us over on Instagram to talk more, @PeriwillowBoutique
Also let me know how you liked the post! There may be more in the future :)
*Disclaimer- I am an Usborne consultant and if ordered from this link I will get a small kickback.
*Myself, nor Periwillow are in any way associated with these books or the author. Just sharing a little love! :)
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