Creating a Compassionate Business- In the Community

There are many reasons small businesses are started, for me having a built in avenue to create a community and give back where one of my driving forces. I believe that by creating a business you also have the responsibility to create ways to inspire and help those around you to the best of your ability. 

This is why I'm so excited to introduce our newest giving back effort and let you all know that you can be involved too! This week are introducing Periwillow Play Dates, free mini events offered in conjunction with other businesses, organizations and non profits throughout the year in efforts to bring communities together while inspiring family time and creativity in children. 
Starting today you can get involved as well, by doing something as simple as purchasing a bow, clip on bow tie or monthly bow box subscription. For each bow sold, we will be adding a blank one to our Periwillow Play Dates! These blank bows are offered complementary to attendees of the play dates where they are encouraged to decorate their bows on site with supplies we provide.
It is our hope that these mini events become something children and parents alike can come to enjoy and that we are able to make an impact on bringing people together and inspiring creativity, one bow at a time. 
To stay up to date on where our Periwillow Play Dates are being offered please visit the In The Community page. 
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