It All Started With Diapers...

About six years ago I found myself, a stay at home mom to a three month old with another baby on the way. My days were spent finding creative ways to keep myself and a baby entertained at home while my husband took our only car to work. We decided it best for me to stay home with the kids not only by choice but also (and in large part) out of necessity- being only a few years out of school, my pay at the time would have barely covered the cost of child care for two (an average cost of $14,976 a year per child in 2016*).

This left me spending many hours on Pinterest finding ways to hand and home make just about anything you can think of. I'm sure there were times my husband wasn't thrilled about taking mason jar salads to work or shredding blocks of soap for laundry detergent, but he was a good sport.

One thing I always dreaded was heading to the store to buy diapers (an average cost of $75 a month per child*) and feeling guilty for not being able to give our babies the organic cotton ones with adorable prints on them. One day while on Pinterest I found a link to making cloth diapers- we were fortunate enough to have a 40 year old hand me down sewing machine at the time, so I made up a few. From then on we used a mix of cloth and disposable diapers which drastically cut our diaper costs down.

I started making cloth diapers for friends, family and even a dog or two! Starting a little business from our kitchen table that has grown into what Periwillow is today. I am very grateful for the time and resources we had access to at that time to be able to make cloth diapers for our babies and help our finances. But I also realize that many families (1 in 3 to be exact*) out there were and are struggling with the same issues, which is why we decided to partner with the Dane County Diaper Bank for a special product capsule- Little Loves. 50% of all profits from this collection will be gifted to the Dane County Diaper Bank to help them eradicate diaper need in the greater Dane County area. In addition to the Little Loves Collection, we are holding a diaper drive and fundraiser on Facebook. Please consider shopping the Little Loves collection, making a monetary donation or contacting us to learn where you can drop off diapers to help families in need today! 

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*All statistics courtesy of Dane County Diaper Bank. For more information please visit





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