Not Your Average Subscription Box

I've always loved the idea of subscription boxes, I mean what's better than getting a little snail mail package once a month? It's like Christmas all over again!

When we first started our bow box subscription I did a lot of research on other services. One thing that I dislike about a lot of them is the reoccurring charge on a monthly basis and having to go through a process of canceling the service should we choose down the road. Or forgetting about it all together- a good thing for business, but not quite how we wanted to do things. Not to mention, not realizing just how much that monthly charge adds up over time, which is why we offer our boxes as a paid in full service. A bit different, yes. But really good for you because that way you know exactly how much you are paying and when it's time to renew. Our paid in full way also allows us to offer you the best pricing possible because we aren't paying a charge service a monthly fee for that reoccurring charge, it's a win-win!

I also knew that I wanted to offer a box that was going to offer more than just goods and support other makers in someway. We want deliver an experience as well, which is why all of our boxes always come with supplies for a craft you can do with your little ones and Periwillow exclusive coloring sheets designed by local artists! Along with a few other surprises along the way to keep things interesting :) 

What are your thoughts on subscription boxes? I'd love to hear below!

Thank for reading & until next time,

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