Organic Wooden Teether Care

If you picked up one of our organic wooden teethers from the Spring line, or are planning to from the Summer line coming in June then you will probably be wondering how to clean it at some point. Well this post is for you!
Wooden teethers are a great alternative to others since they are free of BPA and other nasty chemicals. But wood is porous so the concern of germs getting embedded into the wood could raise some eyebrows, which is why we've sealed our wooden teethers with organic coconut oil and have outlined how to keep your teethers sanitary for the littlest ones in your life below!
Enjoy and please don't ever hesitate to contact us with any questions!
Step 1
Remove your fabric portion (to wash this just throw it in the washing machine. Using a sponge and anti-bacterial dish soap, wash the wooden ring- do not soak your ring in water. This could cause the wood to swell and cause cracks.
Step 2
Rinse the ring and dry with a soft cloth. 
Step 3
Melt a small amount of organic virgin coconut oil (we used 1/4 cup) and remove from heat.
Step 4
Place the wooden ring into the coconut oil until all areas are covered and remove promptly (note: you do not want to soak the ring in the oil to avoid swelling and cracks).
Step 5
Wipe excess oil with a soft cloth and lay out to dry. Attach the fabric again and give to your little love to enjoy!
I hope this helps you keep your teethers in shape for your little ones!
Thanks for reading & until next time,

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