What's in a name?

We've been asked many times about our logo and where the name Periwillow came from, to tell you the truth coming up with a business name was one of the hardest parts of this adventure so far!
If you've been with us for awhile then you already know that we started the boutique under a completely different name and underwent a rebranding about a year ago. It gave us a fresh start and new focus, plus it was ALOT of fun putting those design boards together! We wanted our new name to be as personal as every other aspect of our business. Making items that will be displayed in people's homes- something they may see or use everyday, is pretty personal when you stop to think about it! 
So, Periwillow came to be. Peri- short for my favorite gemstone, the one in my wedding ring (diamonds are not always a girl's best friend) Peridot. It is a stone of compassion, and has a meaning of renewal, which seemed fitting for a rebranding. That second part? Willow- represents my favorite tree, the Weeping Willow. A symbol of growth. Finally, the feather- I've always had a love of birds. They were one of my first photography subjects and carry many meanings if you look into it. Native Americans used feathers as a way of saying thanks for their crops, we've adopted this meaning and the feather in our logo as a reminder to be grateful for the all of the wonderful things happening here! 
There's your symbolic lesson for the day! We would love to hear about your businesses and how the names came to be! 
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