Membership Guidelines

We understand life is busy, which is why we have made being a Periwillow Society member very relaxed. A few of our main guidelines are laid out below. More information can be found in the Facebook group description and by emailing us at:

-Be active within the group as much as possible, there's no reason to be shy :)
-Take part in at least two giving back opportunities each year. This is on a honor system, but please consider helping others when you can! 
-Be kind. It's why we are here right, to help spread kindness?! Periwillow Society has a zero tolerance policy about cyber bulling and negative comments.
-Always represent the society in a positive manner. We are not responsible for your actions surrounding Periwillow or Periwillow Society. 
-Spamming, promoting and follow for follow posts are not allowed outside of daily prompts or features in the member's only area. 
Membership is at will and can be terminated at the admin's discretion. 



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