Custom Art Supply Rolls - Periwillow
Custom Art Supply Rolls - Periwillow
Custom Art Supply Rolls - Periwillow

Custom Art Supply Rolls

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Custom made to order art supply rolls are made from 100% cotton fabric, 20 inches wide and 18 inches long. Perfect for accommodating longer paint brushes!

They have three rows of 1 3/4 inch wide pockets, making 30 pockets suitable for wide, long and short brushes. Also great for crochet and knitting needles and pens and pencils!

Conveniently roll up for storage and tie with coordinating ribbon.

Once ordered, we will email you to discuss your perfect fabric choice or you can request your custom order here! Custom art supply rolls are a great choice if you have a certain color or design in mind or simply don't see anything you like in the premade section. *Prices may vary depending on the type and design of fabric you choose.

Your art supply roll is carefully folded then thoughtfully wrapped in colorful tissue paper and shipped to you through USPS.

We are happy to fulfill large order request for birthdays, Christmas, etc. with an appropriate advanced notice. Message us for a discount list!

Your needs are important to us and we want to get your product to you as quickly as possible, your handmade art supply roll will be shipped through USPS, and should arrive within 1-2 weeks.



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